26 Feb 2016

Is chasing dreams a waste of time?

I was freshman at high school, when I realized I want to be a writer. Crazy idea? Maybe. But at that time I was so wrapped up in my own imagination, that I didn’t think about how real the dream is. I just wanted to be a writer. If others can do it, why not me? 

Now, I guess I should tell you something about slovak book market. It’s really small. I mean REALLY SMALL. There aren’t many slovak authors and most of the books are translations of foreign books. Is it because we Slovaks cannot write a good story? Is it because we are judgmental nation and what is ours cannot be good? This is difficult to answer because honestly, I enjoy english books more than the ones written by slovak authors. I guess, we are so used to the translations of foreign books and that we cannot appreciate a good slovak one. But then again sometimes it seems that our authors don't know how to work with words and with sentences and everything sounds clumsy and unnatural.
Yeah, the dream of being an author was a little bit far-fetched. 
When I was at high school, I felt uncomfortable saying I write because it was something you cannot do for a living. Apparently, making enough money is more important than chasing your dreams. And so when I mentioned what I want to do in my future, everybody tried to discourage me. And for a certain period of time it worked. I stopped writing because what is the point when I cannot publish it. I was told I am not good enough to be published on slovak market and other options were impossible. 

Then I started writing in English and I fell in love with my creativity all over again. I didn’t know how much I missed it until I get back to it. People are still telling me than it’s a stupid thing to think that I could be published in foreign countries because I don’t live there. I could believe them and give up again and focus on other aspects of my future. I could focus on my teaching degree and how to be a better teacher but do I really want to? I mean, I feel passionate about teaching and influencing the younger generation but it's not exactly my ultimate dream.

Dreams are an important thing in people’s life. Without them we wouldn’t be pushed to do our best and to move forward. What would we do without dreams? Should we be satisfied with ordinary things when we can work hard and have the life we dreamt about? If I was asked this last year, my pessimistic me would answer that you won’t be able to change your dreams into a reality. But, I’m not that pessimistic anymore and I want to believe that chasing your dreams actually makes sense. Otherwise, this world would be a really sad place. 

Yes, my English is not perfect even though I’ve been studying it for about fourteen years and yes, I am from a foreign country but I won’t let those voices get to me. Believing in yourself is a crucial part of your existence. You have to be your best friend. You have to root for yourself when no one else is. You have to chase your dreams, because at the end of the day, it’s better to know you’ve done everything within your power to have it than knowing you’ve done nothing for it. 

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. So whatever everybody’s saying, don’t give up. I believe in you. Finish that novel even though you think it’s a stupid thing and no one would want to read. Travel if that makes you happy even though your parents think it’s a waste of time. Do it for yourself! Life is too short to care what others think, so don’t let them hold you back.

Dream big.
Dream like it’s the only thing keeping you alive.

I may sound crazy and that is fine, because I’ve never said I’m sane, but I want my story to be published in English. This is what I feel passionate about and I won’t stop till I have it. 

Have anyone told you that your dreams are too big and you cannot achieve them? What are your dreams? What advice would you give to those who are scared to chase them because someone discouraged them? 


  1. Follow your dreamsssssss. I mean, realistically, most writers DON'T make a living - they have to have a day job. Which is why I'm going to university to study marketing. But I'm still writing, and I'm still chasing my dreams <3

    1. Yeah, that's a really good point! We should balance reality and our dreams. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. Absolutely YES we should be following our dreams. (And omg I think your English is amazing...it's probably better than mine and it's my only language. hehe.) But I think probably most writers don't make a full living off writing? But that doesn't mean we can't, and that doesn't mean we shouldn't bother aiming for it, right?! I've wanted to be a published author FOREVER and I'm not giving up on that. Nopity no. *nods sagely*

    1. Thank you!!! :) But the negative thing about studying foreign language is you can see EVERY mistake and it sucks :D
      I like your attitude and if we gave up, our life wouldn't be that exciting. :)