15 Jun 2016

The Way Back To You by Michelle Andreani | Road trip + feelings and lots of laughing

There is something about books aobut road trips that makes me want to read them. It's probably my desire to travel more and get to know the world around me. Naturally, when I saw this book is about characters exploring the USA, I was sold.

Let me present you all the feeling that the book left me with because it would be shame not to talk about this story. Also, I like it so much that I need to talk about it. So please, if you read it, let's fangirl together and if you didn't go grab a copy and come join us.


Again, I looooove books abour road trips. Especially those which take place in the USA which is far far away from my country and I want to know more about different states. Tell me everything!!! What I loved about the book is that we start in freezing winter, than we go to warmer areas and I cannot forget Las Vegas. It gives the book adventures vibes and you have no idea what's going to happen and everything is so exciting! There's the ocean, the dessert and you'll going to feel like you're sitting in the backseat of the car and you're exploring all of those place with them. 


Ashlyn Montiel died in a bike accident and there were many people who were missing her. Obviosuly, Simone. Now this is certainly sad topic, but I think it's quite relatable. I personally knew most of the feelings that Cloudy described and I think that Andreani did a really good job at describing the situation when you suddenly lost the person you love. Also I really did like that each character had different relationship with Ashlyn and so their feelings and the way of coping with the loss were different. 

"Grief doesn't seem to need much space at all; it's more like it tightens and squeezes until there's no more of you left."


Wow, lots of depressing and heavy topics in this book. Basically, before Ashlyn died, she signed contract where she agreed with the donation of her organs after her death. It was interesting to see that this decision saved other people's lives and when Cloudy and Kyle go on this road trip and meet these recipients they realize that Ashlyn is still living among them... well at least some parts of her. It may sound like a small bandage on the big painful hole in someone's heart but I think it was awesome element of the story. The fact that three people were able to continue their lives thanks to Ashlyn's decision is, in my opinion, amazing. 


This may come as a random thing to like, but there is completely and utterly adorable kitten in the story, so lovers of cuteness, watch out, because your heart will melt. My sure did. Also, now I want a kitten with green eyes. 


The story mainly evolves around Cloudy (Claudia, but how cool is her nickname?!) and Kyle because from all of those friends Ashlyn had, these two were the closest ones and the death influenced them the most. They go on this road trip and we see how their frienship is improving and how they are slowly helping each other grieving their lost friend and to overcome other difficulties in life. Aaaargh all those emotions will drain you and leave you empty. But happily empty. You're going to be completely empty but with a smile on your face and a satisfying feeling in your heart. You know what I mean? Also, the power of friendship in this book is super strong and I just love that. It will warm your hear because #friendshipgoals


Do you know Danny from the TV show Baby Daddy? Awesome and really funny show, so if I can recommend it, go watch it. So Matty remind me of Danny who I'm quite fond of. Firstly, it was because of the name but later when I got to know Matty, I found their humor quite similar. I just love him. He's funny, he can be serious and he deeply cares for his friends. He's the kind of person you just WANT in your life. Just overall a great character. Oh, and I ship him and Zoe sooo much that I have hearts instead of eyes just thinking about them. 


You will literally fly through the book that's how good book it is. It's that kind of summer quick read you can take with you to the beach or wherever you will spend your summer. Or you can read it at home as I did because I hardly ever go out. All of those characters are quirky and funny and sarcastic and I was laughing my ass off. Not even exaggerating. And there may or may not be a really funny and weird scene at the birthday party. Just sayin'.


It was completely perfect. It had emotions and funny moments as well as romantic moments and overall it was reallly nice story which I enjoyed immensely. I loved the chemistry between Cloudy and Kyle, I think they were perfect together and when you add Matty and Zoe, you get perfect group of friends. If you're not sure whether it's the right book for you because it had the element of a death of a loved one, I think you'll be alright because once the story starts, Ashlyn's already dead so the book isn't so sad. Based on this review I gave the book 5 amazingly cute owls out of 5.

If you liked The Way Back To You I also recommed I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios:

What about you? Do you like reading books about road trips? Do you like or don't like books where there's death? Do you plan on reading The Way Back To You?


  1. Ooh, now I want to read this! I'll have to try to get my hands on a copy.

    1. Definitely try, you will not regret :)

  2. This book looks good
    Will put on my tbr