12 Jan 2016

F*ck Love | So many emotions

Autorka: Tarry Fisher |  Series: Standalone | You will find: emotions, love, friendship | Goodreads: 4,33 

That causes an ache deep in my chest. To know that there are guys willing to drop their shopping bags to catch their girl. And I want someone to love me that effortlessly. 

Love is chaotic and messy thing. Sometimes it hides and laughs into your face while secretly waits for the moment you're finally going to find it. Other times it will punch you in the face in the most inconvenient moment. Just like it was in the case of Helena and Kit. All it took was one dream, one innocent dream -well, it wasn't THAT innocent - that made her weak in the knees and she was falling and falling just like Alice in Wonderland. 

Now if you've read any of Tarry Fisher's novels, you know her characters are a little bit... unique. Helena is too. She's a little bit weird. In a good way. She's kind of a control freak and hates dealing with emotions, she rather runs away, which I understand in a way. What I like about her the most is her passion for Harry Potter. There are so many references to the series and it's soooo awesome! But despite the fact that Helena was a little bit weird, she was an amazing character. It's one of those where you scream at the book - or ebook reader whatever is your preference - "I want to be your BFF!" Helena is sarcastic, full of emotions, clumsy but in a cute way. Sometimes it can get to the point where you facepalm and ask yourself why is she doing it, but then again, without it the story would be boring. I love me some drama and this books was full of it, especially thanks to Helena. 

Kit... oh Kit. He's the One. He tries to make everybody happy but it's not easy. He's taken and then all the drama stuff happens and I want to tell you about it but I can't because of spoilers! All I can say is that he's wearing flannel shirts and ripped jeans and... you cannot not fall in love with him. And have I mentioned he know how to cook? And that he's a barman? Kit will feed you, make you drunk and he even looks good!
Della, Helena's best friend and Kit's girlfriend, is a bitch. Not from the beginning, because at first she seems nice... a little vain but nice. In the middle of the story she shows us that behind the beautiful facade is insecure girl full of complexes who needs to humiliate everybody. I pitied her but despite that she was realistically portrayed as a bitter woman and although I didn't like her, the character was amazingly written. 
As far as the plot is concerned, it's a tangle of dramatic events where you can't be really sure what will happen next or when will a massive plot twist appear. I was suspicious that the author will turn it into something different that will blow my mind but at the end I was happy that no massive plot twist happened because the ending was perfect. I love that Helena fell in love with Kit accidentally, she tried to resist and persuade herself that Kit is not her type. Despite that they got to know each other and fell in love because they were ment to. But it's not only story about love, because the author brings Helena's personal developement to the fore. At the beginning she did what everyone else expected her to do but then later on she just packed her things and moved because she wanted to explore herself as well as her passions and hobbies. I think that's a powerful decision because she stepped out of her comfort zone and just went for it. 

So if you like original romantic stories with interesting characters that are not just names on the paper but they feel like a real people because of all the emotions and desires and if you like drama, then this is the book for you. Tarryn showed that she's good with words and as I said, it's not just a book about love, but about finding youself and your voice and about friendship. You will laugh, you will cry and then, when you finish it, you'll find yourself emotionally drained but happy. I just loved the book and Tarryn Fisher proved again that she's an amazing author. 


  1. This was a great review - you have such a nice tone of writing : ) I feel like you could make any book sound interesting! Though this story actually sounds like the sort of thing I like. I love when authors write developed characters that actually grow and change throughout the novel. And Kit... Kit sounds perfect. You had me at 'flannel shirts and ripped jeans'.

    1. Oh thank you, that's so sweet of you! :)
      I love those characters too. It's much more fun when you get to see the change they undergo and it makes them more realistic.
      kit is awesome male character. And the flannel shirts and ripped jeans are just cherry on top of the sundae. :)

  2. Sooo, this isn't the kind of book I'd naturally reach for but OMG IT SOUNDS SO SO GOOD. *flails* And I love characters that are complex and dimension...all characters should be, but they totally aren't, so books like this just end up ADJFKLSAD AMAZING. Eeep! I need to go look this up on goodreads now. XD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I know right! Complex characters are my weakness. The world-building can be rubbish but as long as there are awesome highly-developed characters, I'm hooked. :)
      Definitely check it out. Tarryn's books are weird... but good weird :)