24 Jan 2017

THE BOOKS I’M MOST EXCITED ABOUT *in which I’m screaming excitedly about sequels*

What I like most about the new year except the Goodreads challenge is making lists… and looking up amazing new releases and sequels to amazing series. (how many times am I going to say amazing in this blog post?) I can waste hours sitting behind the computer looking up all the lists on goodreads and all the profiles of authors just to find something. So, I decided to show you the best of the best, jewels of this year, books I’d be willing to kill for. (ok, I wouldn’t go THAT far… although…) 
WARNING: This is going to be a longer blog post so you probably should grab a snack, maybe make some tea and make yourself comfortable. 

This is the third and final part of an amazing trilogy. If you haven’t read the first two… uhm, where have you been? What were you doing with your life? You should catch up. If you like Dan Brown and conspiracy theories about the Iluminati, this the series for you. I love this one, the characters are awesome, the main female character is so strong and every chapter is full of action. I’m telling you, this book won’t let you sleep. And look at that cover! 

MAFIOSA | Goodreads
This is the third and final part as well, but this one is about mafia members! Have you read YA book about mafia members? Because I haven’t… until this one. And it features Italian guys which just adds to the amazingness. The series is basically about this family which comes to town and the main female character falls in love with one of the boys (again, they are Italian, I get her) a that shit happens. Secrets, intrigues and guns, people, guns! There are shooting scenes, I’m just saying.

You have to know this series. It was supposed to be a duology but look, the author decided to come with another book. To be honest, I’m not mad about it, because it’s a really good series that just makes you feel all the feelings and warms you in the area where your heart should be. I love Lara and her sisters, I love the romance and jokes and I can’t wait. 

Ok, this is the second part of a series, but it’s not really a sequel rather than a companion to the book The Impostor Queen (which, if you haven’t read, you made a terrible mistake because it’s fabulous fantasy book). On one side, it’s good because if you haven’t read the first one (or if you have difficulties to remember what exactly happen in the first book as I have), you still can read this one but if they interlace in the third book, you’re screwed (just as I’m going to be because my mind is terrible). Anyway, this books is about Ansa, who is a warrior in her tribe but one lovely and caring which curses her. How delightful, isn’t it? So, Ansa then will fight with her dark side. Doesn’t it sound awesome? 

This is the sequel to the Rebel of the Sands, which was awesome. Oriental surrounding, sexy Jin, badass female character and rebellion again the sultan! There were quite a lot of action scenes, so I’m hoping to see them in the sequel as well, because our squad is going to free the desert nation of Miraji and I hope that sultan will get what he deserves. 

I couldn’t help and not include the amazing Sarah J. Maas. Did I read the second book? Uhm, no, but I’ve read the first book and I loved it. It’s basically a retelling of Beaty and the Beast… well, at least from the beginning because I didn’t pay attention later because Rhysand appeared and I had hearts instead of eyes. Just like in Throne of Glass, there are some faes in here but they’re not as friendly as one would imagine. Don’t expect them to wear pink skirts and hold wands with stars on top. Just saying. If you expect something sweet and adorable… well, you can go home sir. This is not a place for your innocent eyes. This world is much darker. Also, have you noticed that wings and ruin create the word WAR? Is is some subliminal message? Wil there be war?

What sequels are you most excited for? Have you read any of these series? 


  1. ALWAYS AND FOREVER LARA JEAN OH MY GOSHHHH. And I can't wait for ACOWAR either! The cover is so gorgeous :) I think there will definitely be war in it ;)

    1. The cover to ACOWAR is soooo stunning! I stil can't get over how pretty it is. :)

    2. I can't wait for A Court of Wings and Ruin. I need Rhysand in my life. Lovely blog, Simona. :)
      New Bloglovin follower

    3. I totally agree with you, Rhysand is everything. Thank you! :)